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    Office furniture in a modern open plan area

    Office furniture in a modern open plan area

    With such a wide range of
    office furniture available where
    should you start...

    Whether you are looking at purchasing one item such as a new office chair or workstation or whether you are looking at a complete new fitout for your office it's important to know what you getting and why.

    How you intend to use a particular item may change what brand or what type of furniture will suit you. You'll need to do the research yourself or find someone who has the expertise to offer the right advice.

    Take an office chair for example, you may be thinking a rather simple decision and if you spend an hour or two a day on  this chair then as long as its comfortable and ergonomical right for your set up its hard to go to far wrong.

    However if you're sitting on this chair all day most days of the week then it is a lot more important that you consider what type of chair to select, what the chair is made of such as the padding, this is for comfort and life span of the chair, the material used to cover it can also determine how well it will wear and impact on the life span of the chair and will it be ergonomically right for your work station or offfice desk.

    A simple process like selecting a chair can have a huge impact on your productivity and how long the chair will last.

    So take some time to look at the information on this website, download a copy of our FREE report "10 Things YOU Should Know When Buying Office Furniture" or give us a call and we'd be happy to point you in the right direction.

    You can always call in to our showroom to have a look and a chat. Remember this is what we specialise in and a quick phone call could not only save you time but could save you money in the long run.

    We'll take the hassle out of your office design

    With smaller projects we can often talk to you and discuss whats best over the phone. But over the years we've found for a larger fitout type project or for a major upgrade to your premises we need to cover many areas and check what options might suit you.

    To make it easy we offer a complete interior design service , workspace planning, reception design and colour coordination and more. Once we have the information required we will then be better able to offer the suitable option of furniture for your particular situation.

    We've found the earlier we get involved the less chances of something getting overlooked particularly during the building stage.

    It's your office and its important workflow and intended uses are considered as early as possible so you get what you want and this minimises the chance of disapointment, by you not being able to have something that is practical and makes sense because it won't fit where you want it to go.

    Want to check it out - Visit our large Showroom

    So whether you at the very begining of the planning stages and just looking for ideas or you have pretty much decided what you want it's always great to see what you're considering, you might want to see it, touch it or measure it either way our stunning range of furniture can be viewed in our huge showroom 21 Pururi St Mt Maunganui.

    We often get people drving from out of town from places such as Hamilton because we have a good range on display. So whether you give us a call or call into our showroom we're sure our expertise in this area will help you make the right choice for you and your business.

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