Why use a designer for your new office

Design Is Important

Design Is Important

If you are upgrading or building a new office, reception area, boardroom or some kind of administration area it pays to have a design or concept sorted out before you purchase any office furniture or equipment to avoid buying an item that doesn’t fit.

Important areas to consider which will require input from the people or person going to use the are will be layout, workflow options, material used and durability of them.

By using someone who has expertise in both design and project management you are likely to not only get a well designed project but also one that looks good and is practical.

You will also draw off their expertise and knowledge from other projects they have completed and feedback they got.
So for the safest option include the people who are most likely to use the area (but understand they could be resistant to changing the way a process is done) and someone who can provide both the design element and manage the project to completion.

Make sure they have up to date experience and expertise in areas such as ergonomics as well.