10 steps required for a smooth office furniture project

Hi I’m Kim Hawke the owner of Vision Commercial Furniture I’ve decided to explain the 10 step process required for a successful office fit out and hope this helps you in making the decision process easier when purchasing office furniture.

Knowing the complexity of office furniture choices and planning, design ,floor planning and colour coordination I cover the 10 critical points that most projects we get invovled in have.

Choosing the correct office furniture to suit the needs of your business, staff and guests can be a huge undertaking given the fact that large purchases ie complete office  fit outs occur only occasionally in a business’s lifetime.

Choices are many so it is critical to ensure that the furniture required is not only ergonomic but works with the operational requirements of the business and the style is in keeping with the image the business portrays to its staff and clients.

Combining all the benefits of ergonomics, operational requirements and style add not only to staff safety, retention and morale but also has a huge impact on client perception which in turn adds to the marketing of the business.

Step #1 Planning for the result you want to achieve Go Here